KYC Video Call: An Innovation in Digital Methods of ID Verification

Criminals’ attempts to bypass organizational networks have never been static. They use advanced methods to design tactics for executing their unlawful plans. Legal authorities design regulations to protect industries from criminal attacks and streamline operations with legitimate entity onboarding. Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory compliance works to respond to criminal strategies. It integrates technological methods and unveils fraud attempts.

Businesses that offer online services allow users to undergo a KYC verification process with friendly interfaces on their mobile phones.  It provides online platforms like websites and mobile applications to upload various identity documents and verify user identities through automatic algorithms.  Now, businesses can use the kyc video call method to utilize more advanced solutions. It provides multi-layered security as it involves various kinds of identity verification checks. 

KYC Video Call and Advanced Business Security 

KYC video call is the more utilized solution for digital business operational assistance. It allows businesses to verify potential users both automatically and manually. Organizations hire KYC agents for manual processes and connect video calls with clients. KYC agents ask various questions from the customer and validate ID documents with user-provided information. This process may not give authentic results as manual verification methods are error-prone. Advanced technology can online detect some variationsvariation which cannot be identified through human eyes in a manual process.

On the other hand, the automatic method to verify identity by video call is more reliable and authentic. It requires no manual effort and processes the ID verification techniques through pre-trained  artificial intelligence and machine learning models, allowing for the digital cross-match of information with various public and private databases. Additionally, it will enable firms to check criminal records by cross-matching user data across sanction records and watchlists. 

How Does Video Call KYC Verification Provide More Accuracy in ID Verification?

KYC video call is an advanced way businesses secure their remote business processes. It provides a solution to identify user legitimacy through artificial intelligence and machine learning models for information collection, analysis, and validation by cross-matching in different records. Additionally, organizations do not need to hire any KYc agency for manual processes, but they can utilize the automated process.

Organizations require advanced dissolution to combine financial criminals and imposters who utilize advanced methods for performing their activities. Many fraudsters use deep fakes and 3D images to bypass security networks. They often use spoofed images to get access to business networks. Hence, organizations are more conscious of utilizing robust strategies for their security and protection. The video call KYC verification involves following security protocols, which integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms. 

Digital Methods for ID Document Verification 

KYC video call require users to upload scanned copies of their identity documents, such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, and passports. These documents allow their online analysis and conversion into machine-readable text form with optical character recognition technology. The information in the documents assists firms in storing it in digital forms and overcoming manual entries and paper storage. 

Real-Time Face Detection

In video calls and online interviews, automated KYC methods assist in user facial trait detection. Facia scanners analyze real-time user faces and verify if the data matches databases and information obtained from different identity documents. Many imposters use deep fakes in video form, and organizations often fail to identify them in manual processes. Deep learning mechanisms help to detect fake images, spoofing, and fabricated videos.  

Selfie Verification 

The KYC video call process also involves methods for selfie verification. It provides an additional security layer in verifying user identity. Organizations using video calls for KYC verification acquire more reliable identity verification results. This process enables organizations to have multi-layer security protocols. In selfie verification, users provide images that facial scanners scan and analyze biological traits. Facial geometry, including skin color, sharpness of features, and distance between chin and forehead, allow automatic detection and cross-matching with databases.  

Automatic Cross Match with Watclists and Sanction Records

All the information automatically obtained from documents, selfie verification, and liveness detection is cross-matched. Automatic algorithms compare data with a watchlist and identify if the user was previously involved in criminal activity . Therefore, automatic KYC video calls allow firms to enhance their security against prevailing fraud attacks. It provides a more accurate solution for identifying user risk profiles and making decisions for successful onboarding and registration processes. 

Final Words 

KYC video calls provide advanced solutions to verify user data online and enhance the remote onboarding process. They help verify individual data in various steps for multi-layered security. The video KYC verification process also helps overcome the lengthy manual ID authentication process and assists organizations with real-time user identification. Additionally, it enables firms to gain insight into user criminal histories by utilizing information cross-matches with watch lists and criminal records.  

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